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Sumba island, known as the “land of the thousand hills” is located in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) in eastern Indonesia. The island, with its magical landscapes, grazing sandalwood horses, and iconic thatched roof houses clustered around megalithic tombs, has a rich cultural heritage. This is illustrated in the island’s well-known ‘Ikat’, a woven natural fabric that is full of images symbolizing nature, animals and the island’s beliefs. While culturally rich, Sumba is also one of the most remote and economically underdeveloped areas of the Indonesian archipelago.

Sumbanese house

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A Sumbanese house typically has a roof with a high central peak
symbolizing the strong connections Sumbanese have with the spirits (Marapu).


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Throughout Sumba, Ikat weaving is an important social, cultural, and religious tradition.

sumbanese sandalwood

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Sumbanese sandalwood horses grazing in the fields.


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A megalithic tomb.

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